Tinubu Urges U.S. to Safeguard Democracy in West Africa

President Bola Tinubu Urges U.S. Collaboration with African Nations to Safeguard Democracies and Enhance Living Standards

President Bola Tinubu has called upon the United States to engage in cooperative efforts with African countries to protect their democracies against both internal and external anti-democratic forces. This initiative aims to uplift the living standards of their citizens.

In a statement issued by Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, President Tinubu expressed this viewpoint during a meeting with Molly Phee, the U.S. Presidential envoy and Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, held in Abuja on Saturday.

President Tinubu emphasized the need for comprehensive reforms within American-backed development finance and multilateral institutions. These reforms are essential to cater to the developmental needs of emerging democracies in Africa, especially in environments marked by authoritarian influences.

Drawing a historical parallel, President Tinubu highlighted that just as policies were formulated to aid war-torn Europe after World War II, similar dedication should be directed towards addressing the aspirations of Africans in utilizing local solutions to tackle their challenges.

He stated, “While the private sector will undoubtedly play a pivotal role within the conducive environment we foster, it’s crucial for the U.S. Government to exhibit innovative thinking and systematically create incentives to encourage American industrial investment in Nigeria. Under my leadership, Nigeria is fully committed to addressing specific regulatory, tax, and environmental concerns of potential investors. My unwavering goal is to ensure prosperity for all Nigerian families.”

President Tinubu affirmed his commitment to advancing his economic reform agenda for the betterment of Nigerians, undeterred by the crisis in Niger Republic. He further asserted that his approach towards ECOWAS’ handling of the regional standoff would be rooted in promoting Nigerian interests.

“We are deeply engaged in diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve the situation in Niger. Despite ECOWAS being prepared for various measures, I am cautious in my approach to ensure all possible peaceful avenues are exhausted before resorting to conflict. While war does not align with my economic reforms or the regional stability, the preservation of democracy is of utmost importance. The ECOWAS consensus remains steadfast – we will not permit insincere delay tactics,” stated President Tinubu, who also serves as the ECOWAS Chairman.

Expressing solidarity with ECOWAS’ stance, the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy conveyed the high esteem in which the U.S. Administration holds President Tinubu’s leadership as the Chairman of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government.

Furthermore, she extended an exclusive invitation from U.S. President Joe Biden to hold discussions on advancing these matters during the United Nations General Assembly in New York City in late September. “We recognize the untapped potential for significant American investments in Nigeria, and we are dedicated to working closely with you to make that a reality, in line with our efforts to fortify the Nigerian and regional economies. We value your commitment to fostering an enabling environment for this purpose. President Joe Biden looks forward to a meeting with you during UNGA – notably, you are the sole African leader he has specifically requested to meet. This underscores the high regard he holds for your leadership,” she affirmed.

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