Transfer Shortlist: Cucurella and Alonso Considered by Manchester United Following Shaw’s Injury

Reportedly, Manchester United is once again active in the market as they seek to secure a left-back to fill in for the sidelined Luke Shaw, who is expected to be unavailable for nearly two months due to injury. With both Cucurella and Alonso being considered as potential options, the team is working to address this positional gap.

In the interim, the team has been making use of right-back Diogo Dalot to cover the left-back position, but there is a clear intention to bring in a specialized left-back to fortify the squad.

According to reputable sources like Marca, Manchester United is making moves to potentially sign either Chelsea’s Marc Cucurella or Barcelona’s Marcos Alonso before the upcoming transfer window’s deadline.

Last summer, Chelsea secured the services of Marc Cucurella for a significant sum of £62 million from Brighton. However, the Spanish player has found himself with limited opportunities on the field, mainly due to the presence of England’s Ben Chilwell. Chilwell, who holds the position of the club’s vice captain, is the preferred choice for manager Mauricio Pochettino.

Meanwhile, at Barcelona, Marcos Alonso has struggled to secure a starting role even following the departure of Jordi Alba. The club’s coach, Xavi, appears to favor the younger Alejandro Balde over Alonso for the position.

In a bid to bolster their lineup, Manchester United is reportedly planning loan moves for both Cucurella and Alonso. Chelsea is rumored to be open to loaning out Cucurella, provided that Manchester United covers his wages and pays a substantial loan fee.

Beyond Cucurella and Alonso, another potential option being considered by Manchester United is Sergio Reguilón from Tottenham Hotspur, further expanding their list of Spanish prospects for the left-back position.

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