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US First Lady Visits Ukraine

First lady of the United States Of America in the person of Jill Biden paid a courtesy visit to her counterpart in Ukraine in the person Olena Zelenska in regards to mother day celebration.

The visit which was deemed unannounced having embarked on an official trip in
nearby Slovakia of which she noted


“I wanted to come on Mother’s Day. I thought it was important to show the Ukrainian people that this war has to stop and this war has been brutal and that the people of the United States stand
with the people of Ukraine,” she mentioned.


In the words of her counterpart, she has this to say “for this very courageous act, Because we understand what it takes for the US First Lady to come here during a war when the military actions are taking place every day, where the air sirens are happening every day even today,” she told Biden.


“We also feel your love and support during such an important day,” she concluded.

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