Uti Nwachukwu reveals why he has never stepped into church since 2018

Popular reality tv star Uti Nwachukwu has now open up on the genuine reason as to why he has never stepped his feet into any church since since the year 2018.

This disclosure were made known in response to popular preacher, Creflo Dollar noting that “using the spirit of fear to preach” is the major reason as to why he has not been to church since 2018”.

According to him, “I have been saying this again and again but African Christains go attack me because they want to make money through miracles. Abi major pastor Don talk am now”


“I also talked about using the spirit of fear to preach. Reason I haven’t stepped inside a Church building in Naija since.2018! God bless the truth.”

“A lot of people get this whole tithing thing
wrong! Does it work? Yes! But It is not compulsory! And you will not be punished for not practicing it!”

“It is an elective! A covenant blessing available for those interested. What is wrong is using fear of punishment to threaten your congregation into practicing it!”

“It’s like the government waking up today to tell us that you’d be arrested if you don’t invest in real estate. Same goes for first fruits, offerings and all types of giving”

“Let people know the advantages but do not lie to them that they sin if they don’t practice it. Love and faith are all that matter in our chosen religion”

“Your faith will always produce results. Which is why some people doing the unimaginable still produce results.” he added.

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