Utilizing Tourism and Agriculture to Establish a Sustainable State, Says Adeleke

On the occasion of Osun state’s 32nd anniversary, Governor Ademola Adeleke has revealed his administration’s plans to capitalize on the state’s tourism and agricultural potential to ensure consistent progress.

Addressing the state’s residents in a broadcast on Sunday, the Governor expressed his commitment to providing educational facilities that foster a culture of learning and innovation, ultimately establishing a knowledge-based economy within the state.

He emphasized the need for collective efforts to drive Osun State toward sustained economic growth. The Governor highlighted key strategies, including strengthening transportation networks, energy systems, and digital connectivity, which would not only attract investments but also facilitate trade and enhance citizens’ quality of life.

The Governor also stressed the importance of modernizing agricultural practices and offering support to farmers through training and market access. This approach would bolster food security and contribute to economic advancement.

Governor Adeleke underscored the significance of cultivating a culture of learning and innovation by improving educational facilities and partnering with research institutions. This initiative, he believes, will lead to the development of a knowledge-based economy.

Moreover, the Governor discussed leveraging the state’s cultural heritage and natural beauty to develop sustainable tourism offerings, generating employment opportunities and boosting local economies.

The Governor reiterated his administration’s dedication to infrastructure development through collaborations with the private sector. He pledged to create a secure environment that prioritizes the well-being of the population.

Governor Adeleke emphasized that cooperating with the private sector on projects like energy, transportation, and healthcare could harness resources and expertise for mutual benefit. He also highlighted the importance of implementing eco-friendly policies and sustainable practices to safeguard the environment and attract environmentally-conscious industries.

He called upon the state’s residents worldwide to unite in achieving the vision set by the state’s founders in terms of economic, social, and cultural progress. The ultimate aim is to leave behind a legacy of prosperity for future generations.

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