Victony reacts to claims that he faked the fact he couldn’t walk

Nigeria music vocalist Victony has expressed his displeasure as regards to allegations placed on him by fans who accused him of faking his walking from the ghastly motor accident he suffered in the year 2021.

Criticism were thrown at him on the basis that he used the fact he couldn’t work to become famous, making drama of the all case scenario to get people’s feelings towards him


In his response to the criticism, he noted “Well, it just happened to come at the right time. Life is funny. life is funny but everything just happened”.

“No, I mean it’s alright. You know we have like smart people and we have dumb people. Dumb people say dumb stuff and dumb people support them. I wasn’t disappointed. I have been seeing it since like last year. To me, if it’s a problem and you felt I blew because of the wheelchair come and collect your own and collect your own fame. I just tweeted it and went to perform It’s really not that deep.” He added

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