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Why I Stepped Down As National Secretary ~ Prof. Olaiya

Actress, Bimbo Ademoye, has come out to share her experience about when she first got into the movie industry.

she noted she usually accepted any role and opportunity that came her way. But as time progresses she now carefully selects which roles she accepts and which she declines to play.

Being a guest speaker on the reality show Meet and Greet anchored by Inkblot Productions, she disclosed, “Make sure you know the craft before coming into the industry, Don’t just come in because you are pretty, have long hair or a good shape. I came in with my ‘bow legs’ saying, ‘This is me’. My dad has a lot of connections but for some reasons, he did not ‘know people’ that much in the the movie industry. I came in all by myself knowing fully well that this is what I want to do.

She further went on to add that back then, I used to take any movie roles which present itself and comes my way, Now I am quite selective.

“Someone once got offended because I said, ‘No’. I told the person it was a beautiful story but I did not see myself playing it, and she got offended.”

Recalling one of the craziest moments she once experienced while on a movie set Ademoye said, “On one occasion, we were filming upstairs in a building and I was going downstairs. However, someone had put a cup of hot water on the rails upstairs, and for some reason, when I got downstairs, it poured on me. Thankfully, I did not have any burns but the sting was quite painful. I screamed and went into the bathroom. But, the production manager said, ‘We are waiting for you’.

“All the curse words that could come out of my mouth came out and it took so much for me not to punch him, even though I knew he could beat me up”.

The director then came downstairs and said to me, ‘Bimbo sorry, he is only doing his job’. That has to be the craziest experience I’ve had on a movie set.” she concluded.

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