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Why I Want To Succeed Buhari ~ Tambuwal

The present day Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal, has expressed his desire to succeed the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, at the expiration of his tenure come 2023.

He made his intentions known to become Nigeria’s president as he maintains that the office is not predicated upon the zoning of the quest and other factors aforementioned.

Tambuwam noted that his intentions were based on the collective interest of all Nigerians whose existence and subsistence is at stake now.

In the words of his mouth, “Nigeria is on the brink of collapse, thus require the communal resolve of all to save it from sinking completely”.

Making his stance known on Sunday after receiving the N40 nomination form purchased for him by the Concerned Citizens of Nigeria for him to indicate his interest in running for the most coveted seat in politics in the country next year under the banny of the Peoples
Democratic Party.

In his words, “As our situation is in Nigeria today and in times like this, when the situation is so dire and the country is in distress, members of that community or country must come together and put whatever differences they have aside to save the country”.

“It calls for every concerted effort from every and all concerned citizen to put their hands together to rescue it from an imminent collapse,” he added.

Lamenting on the various economic downturns ravaging the nation most especially unemployment and inflation, Tambuwal said his seeking the position of President is not an overbearing ambition, but a quest informed by the need to rescue the country from its quagmire.

He further went on to add that after considering the abysmal failure of the All Progressives Congress since it’s coming into power as he noted he and his allies left the party for the PDP for good.

He added “it behooves on us, as leaders, as responsible leaders of this country, to once again, come together to rescue Nigeria. It would be too bad for Nigeria if APC remains in charge of Affairs after 2023.

“Things are rather getting worse. That situation that demanded us to rise to that challenge of working towards changing the defective APC government at the center has not changed”.

Things are rather getting worse and bad,” he noted.

In his utterances Give me presidential ticket, regain power, Tambuwal urges PDP
Noting that seeking the presidency is a “collective and not an individual effort”,

He said “no single individual can do it alone. No zone can do it alone. No state can do it alone. No tribe can do it alone. No members of a particular faith can do it alone”.

“Nigeria is our common heritage. It is our country. All of us must be hands-on in saving our country,” he affirmed.

“You are right. I have friends from across the length and breadth of this country. You are right. I understand the federal structure of this country. I quite appreciate the complexity of the Nigerian state. I have the requisite experience, by the grace of God, to seek the office of the President”.

“As I said, I am still consulting. I will come back to you after my consultation very soon,” he said remarked his words of gratitude’s after receiving the nomination form.

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