“You are going to be better than your father” Ibrahim Suleiman Blesses son on his 2nd birthday

“You are going to be better than your father” were the words of nollywood actor ibrahim Suleiman as he pens sweet message for his son on his 2nd birthday.

According to the actor, his little boy who just clocked two is creative, fun, intelligent, strong willed, loving, energetic, and super sweet.

In his words, “There’s a human being running around with my heart in his back pocket. This little guy has his Mommy and I completely wrapped around his left pinkie, and I am nit even complaining”


“Happy Birthday My Little Powerhouse, Baby Picasso, Caption CuteFace, Our Sunshine! You are creative, fun, intelligent, strong-willed, loving, energetic, and super sweet”


“We love you kiddo. You will rise stronger whenever you fall. You will learn from your mistakes and never repeat them. You will find solutions and douse situations. You will find your place in the world and make i grand. You will be a resource to your generation. God bless you, Keon Iman Suleiman, Grandson of Aisha”. He posted

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