“You are lucky I only gave you an eye” Cubana Chief Priest defends his demeaning look to a fan

“You are lucky I only gave you an eye” were the outrage of Cubana Chief Priest as he explaining his demeaning look to a fan while on stage.

Originally known by the name Pascal Chibuike, but popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest, the celebrity Barman has now come out to defended his nasty attitude toward a fan.


The video which has been everywhere across the Internet has to do with a young man who couldn’t keep his emotions in check on meeting the celebrity Barman only to be ignored and given a dirty look.


Giving his reasons for his action, Cubana chief priest noted “Don’t lose focus, stay commited to your job, you were paid to m deliver and arrange seats. Job still undone you left the seats to come up the stage to make videos”


“when soundcheck is going on when my venue is not set yet. I dkn’t entertain jonzing put your work first you get luck say na only eye I give you”. He explained.

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